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Le corti della Gualdana



Having always been an agricultural estate, the granaries have remained an integral part of the villa.

Over the centuries, the farmyard area has changed and the Gualdana courtyards have been completely renovated, but the original historical character has not been lost, however, and they provide a welcoming and refined space.

The ‘Baco da Seta’ house (where silk was once made) has become a splendid location for events and offers two large rooms, which open out onto an ample portico on the ground floor and a romantic granary with views of the farmyard and garden.

The ‘Gelso’ house is the former farmer’s residence, and hosts 6 elegant rooms, one of which is a handsome suite, and two small sitting rooms where guests can relax.

For the more sporty guests there is a tennis court with synthetic grass. 

Prices : 

Gelso House: 

Double room:  65 euro 
Single room:  45 euro 

Double room: 65 euro 
Single room:  45 euro 

You are welcome to indulge in traditional italian cuisine at our restaurant Duronetta where our agriturismo activities are centred, only a short stroll from the rooms.